It’s been a big couple of weeks across media events recently – with our head of AV attending C4’s Beyond Z and Thinkbox’s Televisionaries in Manchester.

Beyond Z did a wonderful job of quashing myths about the ever-elusive Gen Z, revealing what’s really on the minds of young Brits today and crucially, how this translates to media planning. For our younger audiences, screens, especially mobile devices, play a significant role in their overall consumption with nearly five hours spent daily on video. 30% of this comprises of traditional broadcast content, surpassing the time dedicated to SVOD platforms.

Viewership is changing across this audience; with binge-worthy boxsets and on-demand reality TV taking priority, but C4’s research confirms that broadcaster TV remains a valuable experience for Gen Z, and a key place to gain reach amongst 1624s. Get in touch if you’d like to know more!

As always, Thinkbox provided some food for thought; presenting that after a tumultuous few years, the dominant theme is stability in the media landscape – as video viewing returns to pre-pandemic levels and subscription video-on-demand (Netflix, Disney+, etc) growth has plateaued. For the first time ever Netflix subscriptions have dropped year on year, likely fuelled by the cost-of-living crisis coupled with the crackdown on password sharing across users.

Taking a closer look at the leading series across this year so far; Netflix’s highest position is the Night Agent – landing at the 21st spot, with Clarkson’s Farm (Amazon Prime) unexpectedly securing 6th position, emphasising the significance of home-grown content above and beyond American exports. 11 of the top 20 shows were from ITV, again illustrating that Broadcaster TV remains the strongest place for scale.

Emily Carr, Head of AV