Here at Team Mostly, we love a podcast! But have you ever considered advertising on them? We currently do podcast advertising for a range of our clients and have seen some fantastic results! Now, Ofcom have released a report, in partnership with YouGov and Acast, highlighting the effectiveness of podcast advertising!


Currently 60% of the UK population listen to podcasts, and 30% listen to them weekly! On average we’re currently seeing a +20% year on year increase in weekly podcast listeners. As of February 2024, there are 3.2m podcasts in the world! Obviously, it would be impossible to advertise on all of these, but, listeners are so much more likely to be interested in the podcast they choose to listen to, because they’ve done just that, chosen to listen to it! Due to the high interest of listeners, podcasts are the most engaging audio platform, with 55% saying they are highly engaged when consuming podcasts; comparatively, 36% said this about AM/FM Radio, 35% about Music Streaming and 34% about Online Radio.


It’s all well and good your listeners being engaged, are they going to do anything about it? Well, the answer here is yes! Podcast listeners are really reactive, with 62% taking action after hearing a podcast advert; actions include searching for more info (28%) and buying a product (35%). One of our clients has been live on a range of podcasts for over a year now, also taking advantage of tracking capabilities, and they’ve had incredible results! They’re achieving CPAs matching those they achieve on TV, at one point even achieving 50% lower CPAs than TV, as they’re able to handpick podcasts based on their audience profiles. Lee Farrer, Founder of Farrer Marketing and partner of Mostly Media, said “I am loving the data that I am able to give my clients as a result of using the analytics system. I can see daily website visits, orders etc. broken down by podcast, plus loads of detail such as day of week attribution, position in podcast etc. It also allows me to know exactly where the ads had run, what frequency etc. We’re able to get down to the detail that we’ve had for years on TV.”


Due to the loyal and habitual patterns of podcast consumers, they build a relationship with the hosts and are much more likely to trust them and take their recommendations. 37% say they’re more likely to trust podcast hosts when it comes to recommending products/services, with podcast host endorsement trusted twice as much as radio host endorsement.


So, now seems like a better time than any to put your brand in front of a highly engaged and reactive audience! If you’d like to see how we could make podcast advertising work for your brand, please get in touch with our team today!


(Image: Khawlacan/Canva)