Is your Google Adwords campaign in need of a boost? Perhaps you have seen a drop in volume since the latest Adwords update? Are you not seeing the same return from Adwords as you used to? Short of hiring an agency like Mostly Media with an incredible track record of turning PPC campaigns to gold, here is what you can do right now to boost the overall performance of your campaigns:

1) Check your location settings

Tweaking your location settings is one of the easiest ways to save money on Adwords. If you are based in the UK, your ads will show to everyone in the UK by default. But your business may not cater for people who live on, say, the Isle of Wight – perhaps you only deliver to the mainland. To stop your ads showing in these locations, add them as exclusions in your location settings. Next, go to advanced location settings and check the ‘only show ads to people in my targeted location’ option. Otherwise you will be serving ads to people who may be viewing pages about your targeted location, but not necessarily in your targeted location. e.g. an ex-pat viewing search results on from Spain. This traffic is unlikely to convert. Run a geo-targeting report to see how much money your campaign may have already wasted from this little-known default setting.

2) Check your device settings

When creating a new campaign, your ads are set to show on all devices by default. You can not change this on the campaign creation page, you must go into device settings afterwards and set a specific bid for mobiles. Don’t confuse mobile-friendly with mobile-optimised – these are 2 very different things. I would advise that unless your site is mobile-optimised to maximise conversions, you should drastically reduce your mobile bids. Let the data you already have guide your decision on this.

3) Add callout extensions

Imagine having space for a whole extra line of text on your ads. Space to put further calls to action and unique selling points, to rise above your competitors. Callout extensions do exactly that, and most businesses don’t even know they exist let alone use them. Add some today, it takes around 2 minutes. For more PPC advice and news, make sure you regularly visit our website. If you’re interested in finding out more about our range of PPC management packages to suit any budget, feel free to get in touch.