Thinkbox, the independent marketing body for TV, announced their review of 2016…..and its good news.

The key facts are as follows:

-Seven years of growth for TV ad revenue in the UK as total TV ad revenue reached £5.28 billion in 2016, a modest increase that was hampered by Brexit

-Online businesses now TV’s biggest spenders. Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix seeking to harness the brand building power of TV invested over £639 million in TV in 2016, an increase of 8% on 2015

-Total TV – live, playback and on demand – accounted for 75% of the video the average person in the UK watched

-For the video-obsessed 16-24s, TV is also their favourite form of video, accounting for 56%

In the Mostly Media office this news was most welcome as TV looks well set to continue to yield strong results for our clients. It is also further proof of the incredible resilience of TV in the digital world as discussed in our recent blog and that TV is fantastic at driving traffic to web as demonstrated by the ever-increasing TV spend of online brands.

Our Managing Director and Head of TV Buying Stuart Smith, who has seen TV perform very strongly for our clients during 2016, has this to say… “Our clients continue to receive excellent returns from their TV advertising budgets and research such as this helps us to understand why. TV isn’t going anywhere in the near future and with the return and brand safety issues that we are finding across competitive digital alternatives TV will continue to feature strongly as part of our communication mix.”

Mostly Media have been delivering significant ROI from TV advertising for over 20 years for a wide variety of brands as shown here in our TV case studies. So, if TV advertising is an area that your businesses wants to move into or if your existing TV campaigns need a fresh pair of eyes, call Leigh today on 01225 302 270.

The full Thinkbox article can be found here