This week our team attended the annual Digital Festival in our home ground of Bath. Bath Digital Festival is the South West’s largest hybrid tech festival hosted by local experts, universities, colleges and market leaders including Tesla, Google, IBM, Natwest, Dyson and JustEat.

This was a great opportunity to explore a range of local digital innovations and tech, as well as test out some VR and slow motion capture technology for ourselves!

It also gave us some really key insights into the sector, one of which being a new Google tool currently in beta ‘Insights Finder’ which will help to discover new audiences to target, amongst a range of other features – thanks for the fascinating talk Darryl Partridge.

Another highlight was a talk given by Sara Coppola-Nicholson on innovation and how we can embrace change and take risks in the dynamic digital landscape.

An inspiring event celebrating all things digital! Many thanks to techSPARK uk for organising.