In research released from Thinkbox exclusively to Marketing Week (27/03/22 read article here) it was announced that B2B spend on TV has increased by 112% across the past four years.  Spend across total TV has fallen by 3% in the same period, so using linear for B2B advertising is really bucking the trend here.

Largely at MM, we think this is due to the pandemic-fuelled boom of SME owners*, who are now so plentiful that a broad reach media channel like linear TV is an effective way to reach them. This heightened allocation of spend on linear TV for B2B advertising is also likely due to a switch to e-commerce businesses (over traditional bricks and mortar) and we know that linear TV is tried and tested in terms of effectiveness in the e-commerce space**.  This pattern of long-term B2B growth on TV is reassuring news for both SME’s and TV planners alike and indicates that 2023 will continue to see long-term demand (and continued growth) in this sector.