You won’t need us to tell you, that the dynamic duo of Barbie and Oppenheimer has swept the cinema world – proving to all doubters that cinema can (and continues) to create massive cultural moments.


Both Barbie and Oppenheimer have rocked the UK and IE Box Office, raking in a jaw-dropping £29.4 million combined. This epic performance made it the biggest box office weekend since Avengers: Endgame’s opening in April 2019, and it’s the second biggest box office weekend ever, exceeding expectations from both Pearl and Dean and DCM. It’s also the first time ever two films have passed the £10m mark on opening weekend.


Greta Gerwig’s Barbie came in strong, smashing records with a mind-blowing £18.5m across Friday – Sunday – potentially looking to surpass The Super Mario Bros Movie to become the biggest film on 2023. Oppenheimer hasn’t lagged behind either, opening with a staggering £10.9m – becoming Nolan’s second biggest opening ever in the UK and Ireland. Bearing in mind the film is a 15-rated 3 hour 15 adult drama, Oppenheimer’s strong admissions show that audiences are still hungry for powerful, well-told (and long!) stories.


With such massive initial debuts; both films are set for an exciting journey at the box office – watch this space!


Credit: Emily Carr, Head of AV

Image: Fer Gregory /