ITVX (formerly ITV Hub), has had an amazing start to 2024!  The platform has seen a total 315 million streams throughout the month, more than any other month on ITVX and more than when it was ITV Hub.  The biggest individual day for streaming was Sunday 28th January with a record 14.8m streams, totalling 6.3m hours of streaming, the biggest single day of streaming since England’s World Cup exit on 10 December 2022.  Notable content on this day included the FA Cup, Love Island All Stars and the launch of Trigger Point Series 2.

ITVX has seen some incredible programming, across multiple genres! ITVX’s Dramas have had a huge month, with over 108m streams across the genre throughout January.  Mr Bates vs The Post Office has been streamed 22m times, After The Flood has seen 20m streams, and since its series 2 launch on Sunday 28th January, Trigger Point has already had 9m streams across both series.

Controversially, Love Island All Stars, may have been the kicker the series needed to get fans re-engaged!  Previous series’ have seen peaks of around 2m viewers on live viewing, and the 2022 series peaked at 1.7m live and streaming combined!  While live viewing on ITV2 remains around the 2m mark, throughout the month of January, the average episode on ITVX has been streamed 2.3m times (amounting to 43m in total!).


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Image: Antonio Guillem / Shutterstock