According to the latest report from JICMAIL, a greater proportion of mail was engaged with in Q1 2023 than at any point in the previous year, and a greater proportion resulted in positive commercial outcomes for advertisers. It reports 95% of mail was engaged with, meaning there was physical interaction, other than being immediately thrown away. Due to this engagement, 30% of mail prompted commercial actions from consumers such as purchases, voucher redemption, website visits and store footfall.

Having both mail engagement and mail effectiveness at their highest levels in a year, at a time with high inflation and consumer wallets feeling the pinch, shows mail can continue to remain an effective channel, even when times are tough.

The impressive stats don’t stop here. The report goes on to highlight that 16% of mail drove discussions about brands, 8% prompted advertiser website traffic, 6% resulted in account log ins and 4% prompted a purchase.

All this data signals that mail advertising, be that Door Drops or Direct Mail, is on a year on year high and showing no sign of slowing down.

With all the talk of many media channels racing to see how quickly they can digitise and deliver programmatically its essential to remember that some of the most traditional media are still in rude health and are delivering incredible results for clients. Direct Mail is just such a channel. It’s easy to chase new shiny things at the detriment of things that actually deliver. At Mostly Media our advice to clients is always – Do What Works!

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