Thursday evening saw HMS Christopher Ward set sail down the Thames as a celebration of their 20th Anniversary of what has now become the largest UK-based watch brand.  With Mike France and Peter Ellis at the helm, the company has gone from an idea (born on a smaller boat on the Thames) and navigated the choppy waters of young start-up and a worldwide pandemic, amongst other things.  As Mike France said, “March 23rd 2020 was a day none of them will forget… would there even be a business to build?”.


It was a boat full of people of all ages who love the brand and have played a part in the incredible journey to date.  There was nothing better than listening to Jörg Bader Snr, CEO of Christopher Ward in Biel, Switzerland explain how the brand has gone from plucky start-up to rubbing shoulders and turning the heads of the worlds most established watch brands.


Hot off the back of winning both ‘Best Watch’ and ‘Brand of the Year’ at the 2024 T3 awards, its full steam ahead for the Christopher Ward brand, with the game changing Bel Canto and the stunning Twelve, continuing to change perception and win admirers across the globe.


Here at Mostly Media, we are delighted to have played a small part as their Media Buying partner since 2018 and look forward to where we sail next.