The results are in! We teamed up with CCUK to ‘Cut The Crap’, and smashed their targets in the process.


Looking to address the significant delays experienced in diagnosing Crohn’s and Colitis, particularly among 18-34 year-olds, CCUK launched an online Symptom Checker in November ’22.  In April ’23, they partnered with us with a goal of finding and engaging individuals within their target age range, looking to encourage 70,000 people to access the Symptom Checker by the initial end date of November ’23.


The targets were ambitious but we rose to the challenge and devised a digital-led media plan involving Paid Social, PPC, YouTube, Spotify and Podcasts, BVoD, OOH, Cinema and collaborations with LADbible and Refinery29. With direct and engaging creative from the brilliant Happy Hour, the ‘Cut The Crap’ campaign was launched with instant positive results. A collaboration with JOE Media, saw us develop an online partnership coinciding with World IBD Day on 19th May, resulting in a 3-month high for the symptom checker.


Proudly, 6 months ahead of target, CCUK hit their initial goal of 70,000 completions for the Symptom Checker.  We weren’t done there however, stretching our targets to 100,000 and then 150,000 completions along with extending out to a full 12-month campaign.  By the end of the campaign in March ’24 we delivered over 250,000 completions on the Symptom Checker, blowing away our initial target of 70,000.


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