Here’s a look at the Top 10 most viewed commercial TV shows last month.  At Mostly, we were among the 2.23m viewers loving The Last of Us!

  1. Unforgotten (ITV1, 27th Feb) = 6.47m viewers
  2. Vera (ITV1, 19th Feb) = 6.46m viewers
  3. Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV1, 25th Feb) = 6.37m viewers
  4. The Masked Singer (ITV1, 18th Feb) = 5.74m viewers
  5. Coronation Street (ITV1, 6th Feb) = 5.20m viewers
  6. Gogglebox (Channel 4, 24th Feb) = 4.44m viewers
  7. The Piano (Channel 4, 22nd Feb) = 3.03m viewers
  8. Love Island (ITV2, 6th Feb) = 3.01m viewers
  9. The Great Pottery Throwdown (Channel 4, 19th Feb) = 2.85m viewers
  10. The Last Of Us (Sky Atlantic, 12th Feb) = 2.23m viewers

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