‘Unforgotten’ on ITV1 was the most viewed commercial TV show in February and remained the most viewed last month.  Here’s a look at the Top Ten for March ’23 –

1. Unforgotten (ITV1, 27th Mar) = 7.40m viewers

2. Grace (ITV1, 26th Mar) = 5.77m viewers

3. The Bay (ITV1, 22nd Mar) = 5.53m viewers

4. Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV1, 4th Mar) = 5.47m viewers

5. Endeavour (ITV1, 12th Mar) = 5.35m viewers

6. Gogglebox (Channel 4, 10th March) = 4.55m viewers

7. England vs Ukraine (Channel 4, 26th Mar) = 4.28m viewers

8. The Great Celebrity Bake Off for SU2C (Channel 4, 19th Mar) = 3.92m viewers

9. 24hrs in Police Custody (Channel 4, 21st Mar) = 3.25m viewers

10. The Great Pottery Throw Down (Channel 4, 12th Mar) = 3.06m viewers


Source: BARB