Mostly Media North is 100 days old.  First clients on the board, media planned and bought.  New skills being learned every day, the most important one being patience.  Patience is a virtue when starting a new business.  Waiting on a phone ringing or an email pinging won’t happen if you don’t get out there and sell yourself.  I’ve tried to meet as many people as possible and have worn out a pair of brogues walking to meetings in and around Edinburgh and Manchester.

People are very kind and believe in what we are trying to achieve.  What we will achieve.  The key to our success is our partners of which there are many.  Especially the most important one, your life partner who picks you up with encouragement and is the reason you keep on.  Your business partner gently reminding you that great adventures await, through hard work, luck and more hard work.

Mostly Media North can plan across all media at rates which are cost effective.  You’ll get great solutions for your advertising.  Our partners will make your commercials, they will finish your artwork and will send them to publications, websites, poster companies, television companies and social sites.  They will also make adverts that cut through whether you are an established brand, a challenger brand, a disruptor or an entrepreneurial start up.  As an agency we pride ourselves on our straight talking, while demystifying the media planning process.  Our job is simple – to return on client KPI’s.

Come and join us.  Great adventures await!

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