A look at what we’re loving this month..

We are loving The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe – 


New to ITV, The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe depicts the wild true story of a John Darwin, a man who faked his death in order to claim life insurance money to pay off debts. The 4-part drama shows how John and his wife Anne tricked police, their sons and the world into thinking John died at sea, until the pair’s lies eventually caught up to them. The series is available to catch up with, or rewatch, on ITV Hub.


We are loving The Wellbeing Lab with Will Young – 


Each week, singer Will Young is joined by mental health and wellbeing experts to deep dive into various mental health topics which they feel are often sidelined. The podcast aims to create a fun, safe, curious and empathetic space to discuss these important topics, and ultimately, help listeners. Discussion topics include: shopping addiction, body dysmorphia, trauma, OCD and cognitive therapies. The Wellbeing Lab is available on all major audio streaming services.


We are loving Pantone’s Water Crisis Instagram Campaign – 


Household paint company Pantone have recently launched a charity campaign on Instagram supporting clean water charities in a range of countries. The company has been posting what appears to be paint swatches on their Instagram page, however, when people click on it, it’s actually the colour of the water in a country with a water crisis. Each one also tells the story of a person affected by living with dirty water and has a link to donate to the charity. The campaign is ongoing so no final figures have been published but insiders say the charity has received huge amounts of donations.