Here’s the latest in our monthly recommendations from the team for all things media…


Here at Mostly Media we are loving Babylon; set in 1920s Hollywood, during an era of decadence and outrageous excess, the film follows the rise and fall of ambitious dreamers as the industry changes from silent films into sound films. The all-star cast includes Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Tobey Maguire and Diego Calva. Watch now in cinemas.


Recently brought to Netflix, Kaleidoscope is an elaborate bank heist drama with a bit of a twist to the normal way of storytelling. With eight episodes all named after different colours, you can watch in any order and it will still make sense – in fact there are 40,320 combinations to watch it in. Each episode focuses on a time period pre, during and post the heist. Of course, you can watch it chronologically, but we found a random name generator worked really well for total randomisation! We were skeptical but the unconventional format really works!


Since 2018, Fearne Cotton has hosted her touching and honest podcast Happy Place. With a new guest each week, Fearne delves into what happiness means to them. Their raw and candid discussions touch on a range of personal stories surrounding love, life, loss and everything in-between. Previous guests include Shania Twain, Roman Kemp, Matt Willis and Annie Mac. Listen now on Apple, Spotify and Google.

If you have any good recommendations, let us know what you’re listening to/watching.