We’ve got some great recommendations for you to watch/listen to this month.  Here’s what we’re loving right now…


TV Legend Carol Vorderman is going back to her Countdown roots with her brand-new podcast: Perfect 10. Each episode is only 10 minutes long, with 10 quick quiz questions and 10 points up for grabs! With a new episode released daily, each quiz is designed to entertain, educate and irritate you and we have been absolutely loving it! Whether you just want to start your day by feeling a bit smarter, or you want to get into some healthy competition with your friends, family or colleagues, this podcast is perfect! Listen now on all major podcast streaming services.



Succession is back! Season 4 of the critically acclaimed comedy-drama came out at the start of April and we are loving it. Dubbed by fans “the greatest TV show of our generation”, series 4 has not disappointed. For those unfamiliar, based on the Murdoch family, the show follows the Roy family scheming their way to the top of their family’s global media empire. Without spoiling too much, season 4 brings stronger divides than ever amongst the Roys and the power struggles are even bigger and better! If you haven’t watched series 1-3, we can’t recommend it enough, with plot twists, drama, comedy and witty dialogue, Succession is definitely binge-watch worthy. Watch season 4 now on Sky Atlantic or NowTV.



Here at Mostly we love a true-story thriller and Cocaine Bear is a great one! Currently in cinemas, Cocaine Bear tells the baffling true-story of a 500lb bear who ingests $15 million worth of cocaine dropped from an airplane in a Georgia Forest. With an all-star cast including Jesse Tyler-Ferguson and Ray Liotta, the film depicts the events leading up to and the 45 minute cocaine-fuelled rampage the bear goes on, ultimately killing 8 people. It sounds all doom and gloom, but we promise this film will have you cracking up, with an eclectic mix of police, tourists and criminals stumbling upon the bear throughout the rampage – it’s hard to believe this is a true story!