Our monthly recommendations for all things media..


We are loving the The Apprentice – 

Lord Sugar’s search for his next apprentice is back! Joined by Karen Brady and series 1 winner Tim Campbell, Lord Sugar sets weekly challenges for 16 new candidates all hoping to be hired not fired and receive a £250k investment in their business idea from Lord Sugar. This year’s contestants include a pharmacist, a bar owner, a finance manager and the owner of a commercial cleaning company. See if you can spot the guest appearance from Jamie Williams, the creative partner of our client Thortful’s new ads. Watch the new series every Thursday at 9pm on BBC1 or catch up on iPlayer.


We are loving the Unlocking Us Podcast – 

The Unlocking Us podcast is hosted by researcher and New York Times best selling author Dr Brené Brown. It explores all the magic and messiness of what makes us ‘us’. With a new guest every episode, they unpack the emotions, stories, culture and ideas that form the universal ‘human’ experience. Each episode focuses on something different from our most vulnerable, courageous and heartbroken moments. Dr Brené wanted to get the message across that we don’t live life alone, and this podcast does a great job of addressing this in intellectual, empathetic and interesting way


We are loving KitKat benches – 

The KitKat ‘Take A Break’ slogan is one we all know and love, and the brand have translated this into their new OOH campaign – benches! Taking a slightly non-traditional angle on OOH advertising, the brand have created benches that look like their famous KitKat bars, encouraging passersby, to ‘Have A Break, Have a KitKat”. Keep an eye out and see if you spot one!