When Korean drama series Squid Game debuted on Netflix, it quickly became one of the platform’s most popular shows of all time. Thanks to the ability to dub or subtitle the series in the viewers native language, Squid Game was watched by more than 111 million viewers worldwide and was the top show in over 90 countries. Now, similar technology is coming to YouTube, where the ability to subtitle or dub uploaded content will allow creators and viewers to diffuse and break any language barriers.

With YouTube rolling out its support for multi-language audio tracks, we will see creators able to reach and engage a vast global audience. Not only will this benefit the broadening of audiences for YouTube’s creators, it will also stimulate and expand the viewership of YouTube on a global scale. After a test for multi-language dubbing was rolled out to select content creators, including popular creator MrBeast who has over 130 million global subscribers – the test group saw their watch time increase by over 15% from viewers watching in their dubbed language.

Rolling out to thousands of creators and with plans of debuting on YouTube Shorts soon, one video with multiple language settings means content is easier to manage, increases video accessibility and caters to a larger audience – what’s not to love!

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