The last 12 months have seen an incredible return to watching both linear and catch up TV.  For many it was a major part of coping with the uncertainty of Covid, finding comfort in the familiar.

What was missing was new content and 2021 has that in spades. BBC’s Line of Duty proved that with the right content TV is as buoyant as ever.  Heralded as the most watched drama of the 21st Century with final episode delivering 12.8m viewers it was slightly let down by the ‘small’ reveal hapless DCI Buckles was H. (Let’s not forget it was released weekly, even more special in a world of boxset bingeing)

Advertisers have taken stock, licked their wounds and reset and the future looks positive.  A veritable glut of brilliant content is on the horizon, with something for everyone.  With the return of Love Island, the rescheduled Euro’s and the hugely anticipated remake of the Darling Bud’s of May in Q4, 2021 looks spectacular.  Once the buzz of beer gardens slows down and we all settle back into our routines, advertisers will once again reap the rewards of being associated with world class, brand safe content.  Like no other medium TV will continue to create demand and sell units and we can’t wait to see if Bradley Walsh can pull off Pop Larkin.  Read more in the Guardian here