Netflix is shaking things up by getting rid of it’s ‘basic’ ad-free subscription plan across the US and the UK. If you’re already on the ‘basic’ ad-free plan in the UK or oversees; don’t worry – you can keep binge-watching your favourites without ads; but if you’re a new subscriber to the platform, you’ll have to pick between cheaper ad-supported plans or splurge on costlier ad-free options.

Industry experts believe that viewers are increasingly open to moving towards cheaper, ad-supported streaming plans due to economic uncertainty. It’s been speculated that this move may be due to the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood; that is likely to have enormous ramifications on next years’ content. Changing focus towards a more ad-centric approach helps to maintain profitability and revenue streams when they can’t rely on fresh new content during the strike.

Netflix is playing the long game and wants to be a big player in the ad industry. Analysts are saying their ad revenues are going to skyrocket, so ads will be a major part of how they rake in cash in the future.  So, from a world, not long ago, where streaming was going to sign the death knoll of TV advertising, it’s becoming clear that TV advertising is here to stay and will continue to be the bedrock that funds the world class content we all enjoy.


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