A great blog on the importance of good relationships in these uncertain times by James, our Media Director…

In what is a crazy time for us all, it is important to take in to consideration the bigger picture.

The last ten days for myself and the Agency has been one of the most testing times in my seventeen years at Mostly Media but as a team we will get through this.  The reason we will get through this is because of our people and our clients.  So I urge you all to please take the time to think about your employees and your clients in these times above the obvious which for most agencies at present is deferring or cancelling media.

Yes, we all have day to day work still going on but taking some time every day to think about how else you can help, may in turn take the stress out of your working day away for a moment and raise your positivity.

As an agency like most I am sure, we are having daily team video calls, for catching up on work yes, but the first and last questions we ask all the staff is ‘is everybody ok?’ ‘do you need anything?’ and ‘anything we can help with?’  It is important to realise that not everyone will be happy with working from home and also not be their most productive working from home.  The Mental Health Foundation state that ‘at times of stress, we work better in company and with support’ so take the time to ask these questions and I think you will be surprised how many people then take the time to check in on you, and when you can video call, give yourself and others a change of scenery.

We live in a digital age where everything is instant but during these times a good old fashioned phone call doesn’t go amiss.  I for one can tell you I have had two long phone calls with clients where work wasn’t the main point of discussion and it was just good to catch up, one in fact was mostly about our joint love of gin and the best places to buy gin online to get delivered to home.  Safe to say we are now both fully stocked!

Once we are through this we are all going to need each other, so don’t forget about each other in the now. My view is that agencies, staff and clients that stick together now will be stronger for the future.

Stay Safe all!