As the UK self-isolates, the word “unprecedented” has been used more times in recent weeks than we can count.

Kids off school, no finite end of the corona pandemic in sight and families having to look inward to keep education, activities and calm in the household.  This is where the power of media and the connected world thrives.

This morning Joe Wicks attracted nearly 1 million people to his YouTube page as he pledges a 30-minute daily exercise routine aimed at getting kids “moving, feeling energised, positive and optimistic”.  The self-proclaimed “Nations PE teacher” is just one of many ways in which the country and media has adapted to the current climate.  Filmed in isolation, bringing the country together through exercise, fitness and a belief we are all in this together.

This week also marks the long-awaited launch of Disney+ to UK shores.  Launched in November in the US, there is something timely about its launch this week with thousands of hours of child-friendly entertainment ready to stream as we are spending more time indoors with little ones.  What can be more calming than watching Toy Story 1, 2 3 and 4 back to back (although Inside Out and Coco are my personal picks).

Apple TV also announced last week they are to host Nick Jr’s learning subscription service “Noggin” across 25 territories, showcasing educational content featuring child favourites Paw Patrol among others.  A move that is sure to be a godsend for the copious number of parents balancing working from home with home-schooling in the coming weeks and beyond.

In a time of huge uncertainty, the media landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace.  There will be times when watching the news that we feel the current climate and constant news cycle is inescapable.  But with that we find several outlets that come to fruition as a welcome distraction in a time of much needed catharsis.

Stay safe, savour quality time with your loved ones, and do some cross country in your living room with The Body Coach.

Chris Lucas, Group Head AV