The latest report from Clear Channel, Global, JCDecaux, Outsmart & TFL has shone a light on all the positive impacts OOH advertising can have. Stephen Woodford, CEO of the Advertising Association, says “Out-of- Home is a brilliant example of how advertising stimulates economic growth while also giving back to society through the investment it funds in our towns and cities”. Here’s a look at some of the benefits you may not have considered…


Economic – OOH is considered by industry experts to be a “circular economy”. According to Route’s 2022 data, approx. £1.2 billion of UK advertising spend was across OOH. PwC estimates that 42p in every pound spent on Outdoor in 2017 went back into the UK economy, helping to support employees, communities, infrastructure & local authorities.


Community – OOH has many benefits for communities and can pay back public services for good e.g. the instillation of digital ad tech alongside defibrillators – so far, these have been deployed 343 times across London. Many digital formats have 4G mobile signal, 999 service buttons & rapid device charging, keeping us connected. Across 2021 & 2022, media owners helped +330 start-ups & small businesses and gifted 250 free campaigns to local London businesses who’d supported their community through the pandemic.


Environmental – Steps are being taken to reduce OOH’s environmental impact, including 100% renewable energy at media sites, powering down screens at night, investing in greener materials, recycling old static ads, tech such as solar panels and format adaptions to contribute to ‘Clean Air Zones’ using air filters & air quality monitors.


Voice Of The People – OOH is a powerful and impactful tool that many brands have used to trailblaze revolutionary campaigns. Our client CCUK (pictured below) are implementing OOH to break down perceptions of Crohns and Colitis. In 2022 alone, OOH channels supported +100 charities in London, including the #AllMenCan anti-violence against women campaign, priding itself on providing a perfect platform for advocacy.


There’s a way to utilise OOH for everyone, speak to one of our team to find out how OOH can support your brand.