Social media platform Pinterest have recently released their trend predictions in their 2022 Pinterest Predicts event. Last year, 8 out of 10 of their predictions came true. This year, Pinterest Predicts is back, predicting the upcoming trends of 2022 before they happen: “Before you see it everywhere, see it here”.

Instead of jumping onto trends as and after they happen, advertisers can now utilise this clever tool to buy into these trends early, aligning your campaign ideas to what will be popular for your brand. Lets take a look at a couple of the trends predicted to land this year…

Oh My Goth – 

Goth will make its way into the mainstream trends this year across all age groups in a variety of different ways; Goth business casual, goth baby clothes and even goth kitchen decor are all trending up.

Trending search terms: Goth business casual (+90%), Goth cowboy (+70%) & Goth baby clothes (+120%)

Cuppa Time – 

In 2022, people will choose having a cuppa with a friend over drinks after work. Afternoon tea is more than a meal—it’s a moment, an aesthetic, a pose. Searches for “tea party aesthetic” and “drinking tea pose” are climbing across all age groups.

Trending search terms: Vintage tea party (+70%), Butterfly tea pea (+70%) & High tea food ideas (+4x)

Barkitecture – 

Pampering your pets isn’t enough anymore. Why stop at pampering when you can try animal-first…architecture. In 2022, people will redesign their homes with their pets at the forefront, from luxury dog rooms to “catified” homes.

Trending search terms: Luxury dog room (+115%), Catify your home (+4x) and Cat house design (+4x)

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