Every year we eagerly await Pinterest releasing their top emerging trends for the year ahead to find out what themes are set to rise in searches and popularity on the visual discovery platform. This a great opportunity to get ahead of the trend and tap into these rising themes with an effective advertising strategy, but there’s also some entertaining (and sometimes unusual!) trends introduced to the mix.

Predicted trends for 2023 include…


Free Spirits – Cocktails and Mocktails
Cocktails, mocktails and everything in between – the aesthetic of creating good looking drinks as well as having an increased interest in a range of mocktail options is forecast to be on the rise. Searches are increasing on finding the perfect garnishes and even exploring ‘fancy ice cubes’!

Cocktail garnish ideas creative +225%

Creative cocktails presentation +555%

Mocktail bar +75%


Vitamin Seaweed

2023 sees an influx of superfoods interest thanks to their much-needed health benefits. This next wave of superfoods come from the sea – from green algae to seaweed snacks, this nutrient-rich craze is as green as it gets.

Benefits of chlorophyll water +35%

Green algae +60%

Seaweed snacks recipes +245%


All Aboard

According to Pinterest, train travel will make a major comeback in 2023. Thanks to scenic views, lower carbon footprint and extra legroom, it is predicted that Gen Z and Millennials will find a new love for this classic mode of transportation, with a focus on train travel aesthetic.

Interrailing Europe aesthetic +105%

Train trip aesthetic +205%

Train quotes travel +285%


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