Members of the Mostly Digital Team and our Head of Growth, Alex, attended a keynote presentation by Founder and CEO of Battenhall, Drew Benvie.


Shout out to Bristol Creative Industries for putting on such a great event!


Being the man behind the original definition of “social media” on Wikipedia, Drew was well-positioned to share his predictions for social media trends in 2024.


Here are our four key takeaways:


  • LinkedIn was the most used social platform in 2023. The platform reported a 41% increase in the volume of content between 2021 and 2023, with content being more varied than before. LinkedIn is safer, and the content shared on the platform is less harmful than other social media platforms, including TikTok and Twitter.


  • For brands that are happy to think ‘outside the box,’ being slightly ‘unhinged’ on social media is a highly effective way to drive engagement and create a loyal following. In fact, we’ve recently seen brands, including Duolingo, Channel 4, and Ryanair, share ‘unhinged’ posts and comments across major social media platforms. This bold move has resulted in huge exposure to younger, socially active audiences.


  • However, for brands and companies who are keen to stay more reserved on social media, there are great ways to create engagement, without having to dilute their brand identify. For example, financial institutions can think about using TikTok to share useful and educational content to engage younger generations (aka future customers!).


  • And finally, did you know that 45% of over 60’s use social media? This was a surprise to us but one that could prove beneficial if you are looking to reach an older audience!


Maybe your brand is looking to advertise on LinkedIn or try targeting a new audience? Speak to our team and we’ll happily talk you through the best platforms to help you reach your goals and put together an effective marketing strategy!


Credit: Alfie and Cait!