A recent article by Thinkbox has highlighted the importance of context and targeting ‘the moment’ in TV advertising. According to a number of research studies, reaching people in a good mood can reap many benefits. Reaching people who are relaxed and happy not only boosts noticeability of advertisements, but also increased the likelihood of people liking and believing brand messages.

TV offers multiple opportunities to reach these people; for example, evenings, bank holidays and the weekend – specifically Sunday – have all been identified as times when people are more likely to be feeling good. Additionally, positioning your ads in feel-good and light-hearted shows has been found to be beneficial with the positivity the shows create, generating a halo affect for advertisers. Commercials that create positive moments and produce emotional reactions, especially positive ones, tend to be more effective in the long term. Even the smallest boost of positivity is all it takes to be effective.

According to a 2019 Thinkbox report, TV induces significantly more emotion than any other media –over six times more! If you would like to know more about integrating mood into your TV advertising let our TV team know.