This article in The Drum is well worth a read…

Two years ago Mostly Media re-aligned from a ‘full service’ or ‘do all things for all people’ agency because we were scared to say no and we could make a quick buck to a specialist agency focussing purely on our founding specialism Media Planning and Buying.  We haven’t looked back.  Why?  Because we are really good and we deliver incredible results.  No fuss.  No painful meetings where the cracks are papered over.  As the article says, if you chose a supermarket butcher they will do a job but it won’t be anything like a butcher from the local farm shop.  If a client needs other elements of the mix we work with trusted partners who are a lot better at what they do than we are… simple.   End result, a happy client who hits their objectives, whom choses to work with us again and again, oh and we all made some money along the way.  If a client is spending their precious budget, big or small, why would they not chose to use the expert?

Stu, MD